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About The Father Daughter Weekend

The Father Daughter Weekend is a chance for you and your daughter(s) to bond, play, grow, connect and talk openly and honestly about your relations. It’s a chance for fathers to connect with other fathers for support and for daughters connect with each other.

Activities are designed to push each Father / Daughter pair to grow & enrich their relationship. There are separate activities for older and younger daughters, age 13 being the general age line. The weekend gives each of you a chance to play & connect and be with others Dads & daughters in a safe setting. There are playful creative activities games, challenging connecting activities, and time for dads to connect with other Dads and daughters to connect with other daughters. Ages 9 through adult are welcome and we have seen amazing transformations in relationships of all ages.

The Father Daughter Texas Mission and Who Should Attend

Our Training and Schedule

Our trainings start on Friday evening and go through Sunday afternoon. The trainings are a mixture of fun and light processes, and more emotionally challenging processes that are designed to strengthen the father-daughter relationship. Trainings are open to all daughters above the age of Nine (9). Adult daughters are also welcome & an importanta part of the retreat. Daughters ages nine (9) through thirteen (13) are split off from the older daughters [when necessary], each age group attending the age-appropriate processes. Our trainings are held in a retreat center near Madisonville, Texas. All meals and lodging are included in the retreat cost, which is found below.

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