About Father/Daughter Texas

Our Mission

Father/ Daughter Texas is a 501 (C)3 Non- Profit Organization. Our mission is to enhance, heal, and enrich your relationship with your father or daughter through educational trainings.

Who Should Attend

Open to all daughters ages eight through adult. In the past, we have had daughters up to the age of forty-five! Open to all dads, step-dads, surrogate fathers, father figures, etc!

5 Reasons Father Daughter Relationship Are Important

1. Dads teach daughters to love themselves both inward and outward.

2. Dads encourage their daughters to dream big and aspire to whatever goals they wish to achieve.

​3. Dads set the standards for how their daughter’s potential dates should treat them.

4. Dads teach their daughters that they matter most.

5. Dads protect their daughters from whatever obstacles that life throws at them.